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October Member Spotlight

Everyone, meet Matt!

Matt joined Northbrook Sports Club as a youth member this past summer. He began his shooting journey a little over a year ago with fellow NSC member and neighbor, Tony Rubino, at Frankfurt Sports Club. While he started off shooting trap, he now practices all disciplines with a current focus on sporting clays.

Matt’s a member of the Golden BB’s, Northbrook Sports Club’s youth league. Alongside Emerson and Keith, Matt and team placed 2nd in the National’s SCTP Skeet Open Division. The Golden BBS have helped Matt focus on teamwork, attention to detail, focus, safety, and responsibility.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention Matt, an A class shooter, tied Mr. Sweeney, a Master Class shooter, for first place on the Extreme 50 Sporting this past July with a score of 36 out of 50!!!! Matt’s first registered shoot was the 2022 Illinois State Shoot and he is already dominating the courses!

As an up and coming athlete, Matt values mentorship and learning from other skilled shooters. If you see him out on the courses make sure to say hi!

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