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Membership Benefits

Northbrook Sports Club is a private clay target shooting club open to members and their guests.

Membership Include Full Club Access to: Clubhouse, kitchen, all facilities, 4 sporting clays courses, skeet, trap, 5 stand, practice grid, cart rental and onsite storage options.

We are located in Hainesville, IL situated on over 700 acres of rolling countryside in northern Illinois. NSC's +1,300 members enjoy one of the finest clay target shooting facilities in the U.S., throwing over 3 million targets annually. We maintain 100s of acres of wetland and agriculture for nature preservation benefiting the community.

*We are a shotgun clay target shooting club. We are not a hunt club, we are not a rifle or pistol club,

The Northbrook Sports Club goal is to remain the best clay target facility in the nation. 

Apply online or Download a membership application form.

Regular Membership

One-time initiation fee $1320*

Plus Annual dues $660*

(Pro-rated quarterly for mid-year applicants)

Regular Membership includes:

your spouse, any children up to the age of 21 still living at home,

and any children up to the age of 23 still attending college.  

Youth Membership

Age 20 and under or 23 and under, if attending school

Plus No initiation fee, $330 annual dues

Youth Applicants must apply in person.

Out of Area Membership

(legal residents more than 150 miles from club)

One-time initiation fee $1320*

Plus Annual dues $660* first year, $132* thereafter

The Membership requirements are as follows:  

A good attitude and safe gun handling!

Illinois Residents must have a valid Firearm Owners Identification card (F.O.I.D).  

All applicants must be 21 years of age, or sponsored by an adult with a valid F.O.I.D.  

A copy of your F.O.I.D. must be attached to this application.

Sponsorship of two NSC Members in good standing.

(If applying without sponsorship, please contact the club to arrange a meeting at the club)

Your application will go in front of the Board at the next Board of Directors meeting.

These meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month.

The club requires a one time initiation fee plus yearly dues.

Guest policy:  You are encouraged to bring guests to promote membership at NSC.

Members will pay a $20 guest fee per guest, however the same guest may only attend 3 times per year.

Memberships are renewed every January.  You may renew yourself by clicking the "Renew Membership" Button. You can also renew lockers and storage online.  Renewals are subject to a 3% CC processing fee. You may print your online renewal and pay by check or cash at the club. Renewals after Jan 31 will incur a late fee.


*NSSA/NSCA members are welcome to participate in our registered events.

We are currently accepting new membership applications. You can either download the paper form or apply online.

Our Purpose

The objects and purpose of this club are hereby defined and declared to be:

  1. To promote and enhance an interest in clay target shooting, hunting, fishing, and other sports activities through meets, outings, tournaments and facilities available at the club.

  2. To promote, encourage and maintain a high standard of amateur sportsmanship in all sports, and to lend moral support to all movements for better sportsmanship.

  3. To promote the social and physical welfare of club members.

  4. To preserve certain areas of the club as wildlife habitat.

  5. To cooperate with duly constituted authorities to enforcement of Fish and Game Codes and to promote reasonable, responsible and equitable laws regarding shooting sports.

  6. To cooperate with organizations with similar objectives, work towards better conservation and its co-existence with shotgun and other shooting sports.

  7. To demand safety from/towards one’s self and other people and property.

  8. To encourage youth to become active outdoors enthusiasts with a focus on safety, integrity and respect for the rights of others.


Background and History

  • NSC was founded in 1947 in Northbrook, hence the name.

  • Moved to its current location in 1987. We are in the Village of Hainesville. We have over 1,300 (January ’21) members and 700 acres devotes to clay shooting.

  • We are one of the finest clay shooting clubs in the country.

  • We offer all the major clay target games: Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, 5-Stand, FITASC (the international version of sporting clays) and the new AFS (American Field Sporting).

  • We hosted the World FITASC championship in 2012 and the World English Sporting championship in 2019, the first club in America to do so.

  • We’ve also hosted both the sporting clays and skeet US Opens.

  • We have hosted numerous regional and state tournaments and offer many opportunities for registered competition in both skeet and sporting clays.

  • Our main focus is in our members and their enjoyment of the Club.

We've come a long way since 1947....

Original Grounds
Early Members circa 1957
Rules and Safety

Club governance and membership

  • The Club is governed by a 15-member board of directors, elected to three-year terms on a rotating basis.

  • Four directors are also officers of the Club: President, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. They serve two-year terms.

  • The board meets at 7p.m. on the third Wednesday of every month in the clubhouse and members are welcomed to attend.

  • There is an annual membership meeting held in November of each year. At that point directors are elected and the membership may vote on other issues of importance.

  • At certain times special meetings are held to seek member approval for projects that exceed the spending limits outlined in our by-laws.

  • A copy of the by-laws is always available in the Clubhouse and you may request one at the front desk.

  • Day to day operations are the purview of the general manager and his team. They are your main points of contact about Club policies and procedures. 

  • Club announcements generally are handled by email - be sure that your spam filter allows emails from NSC!!!Failure to comply with Club safety or administrative rules may result in disciplinary action, including expulsion from the Club.

  • Our board and management team...

Our main charge to you as members is to BE SAFE and HAVE FUN!

  • All new members go through a six month probationary period. You may use the Club during this period with full rights and privileges.

  • Generally we are open Wednesday-Sunday.

  • We have an excellent food service for breakfast and lunch.

  • All targets at NSC are the same price regardless of the discipline. You purchase targets that are then loaded onto a card that enables the traps to operate.

  • If you are a new shooter, we have several certified instructors who are members of the Club. 

  • In addition, many leading instructors visit NSC during the year. Their visits are announced on our website, our Facebook page and via email.

  • The Club rents carts for use on the sporting clays course. Reservations are suggested for weekends.

  • You may also rent a locker to store your equipment – check at the front desk for availability.

  • You may also bring guests to NSC. You receive three free guest passes every year after you renew your membership. Once those are used, your guests must pay a day fee and then shoot at our member rates.

  • Individual guests are limited to three visits per year.

  • You are responsible for your guests. Make sure that they are aware of our rules and safety policies, including signing in at the front desk. Your guest may not shoot unaccompanied at NSC.

Rules and Safety

  • Our main rules are simple: All guns are treated as if they are loaded and never point at anything you wouldn’t want to shoot.

  • The rest are in our new member packet, but here are some highlights (pass out rules).

  • The use of drugs or alcohol will prevent you from being allowed on the shooting fields.

  • No firearms other than shotguns may be used at NSC.

  • You may not shoulder or “dry fire” a gun inside NSC buildings – Snap caps are forbidden.

  • You may not shoot at anything other than a normally accepted artificial targets, including wild game.

  • Do not shoot outside of shooting stations.

  • The gun must be empty and the action open before you leave the shooting station.

  • Carry your gun with the action open and the barrels in a safe direction.

  • Guns on a pull cart must be muzzle-down. Guns on a motorized cart must be racked vertically, muzzle-up.

    • Do NOT enter a trap or skeet house or touch a sporting clays machine for any reason. If a trap is empty or malfunctioning, call the Club house, (847) 223-5700.

  • Failure to comply with Club safety or administrative rules may result in disciplinary action, including expulsion from the Club.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many courses are available? There are typicaly 3-4 sporting clays available most of the time. A day to prior to competition some courses maybe closed or limited to event participants.

Do you offer coaching, education or lesses? Yes, our club has many members that offer eductation for charge covering all disciplines: sporting clays, trp and skeet. Each page for lits the current avalable coaches. Contact them directly for their pricing and schedules. Throughout the year many nationally known coaches offer unque coaching opportinuties.

Do you offer rental guns? Yes, we offer a varierty of shotguns for rental for yourself and guests. Try different gauges or styles for something new. Several are available sized for youth and ladies.

Do you have a pro shop to get me started with the right gear and equipment? Yes, our proshop offers shotgun shells, safety equipment, shirts, hats, cleaning supplies and plenty of NSC gear.

Can I hunt at the club? No we are not a hunt club, we are a shotgun clay target shooting club. We offer clay target shooting of Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, 5 Stand, FITASC and American Field Sporting.

Can I shot my hand guns or riles at the club? No, we are not a rifle or pistol club, we are a shotgun clay target shooting club. We offer clay target shooting of Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, 5 Stand, FITASC and American Field Sporting.

Can I buy shotshell ammunition at the club? Yes, we offer a complete assortment in a variety of brands and load choices for 410, 28, 20 and 12 guage. A FOID card is required for IL residents.

Can I bring guests? Yes, you are allowed 3 guests per year with your membership. You can bring additional guests for $20. All guests must be accomanied by a member. You are encouraged to bring guests to promote membership at NSC. The same guest may only attend 3 times per year. You are responsible for your guests. Make sure that they are aware of our rules and safety policies, including signing in at the front desk. Your guest may not shoot unaccompanied at NSC.

Can I walk the courses? Yes you can. All of our courses are easily walkable. Most courses are located adjacent to parking areas and can easiliy be walked. However rental golf carts are also available to carry your gear.

Can I use the clubhouse for special events? Yes, the club house or a prtion can be rented for your special event. Contact the club for details.

Do I need a trapper? ​All of our courses are fully automated allowing shooters to launch targets by remote on a delay system with our target counter system.

Do you offer reduced pricing for kids? Yes, attendees 18 years of age and younger pay a reduced price per targets. See the club house for details or call 847-223-5700. We also support the Golden BBs program. Vist the Golden BBs page for more details.

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