Becoming a Member

Northbrook Sports Club is a private clay target shooting club open to members and their guests.


*NSSA/NSCA members are welcome to participate in our registered events.

We are currently accepting membership applications. You either download the paper for or apply online.

Download a membership application form.

Regular Membership

One-time inititation fee $1000*

Plus Annual dues $600*

(Pro-rated quarterly for mid-year applicants)

Regular Membership includes:

your spouse, any children up to the age of 21 still living at home,

and any children up to the age of 23 still attending college.  

Youth Membership

Age 20 and under or 23 and under, if attending school

Plus No initiation fee, $300 annual dues

Youth Applicants must apply in person.

Out of Area Membership

(legal residents more than 150 miles from club)

One-time initiation fee $1000*

Plus Annual dues $600* first year, $120* thereafter

Guest policy:  You are encouraged to bring guests to promote membership at NSC.

Members will pay a $20 guest fee per guest, however the same guest may only attend 3 times per year.

Lockers available $85/year.  Trailer or cart storage available starting at $300/year 20' max.


The Membership requirements are as follows:  

A good attitude and safe gun handling!

Illinois Residents must have a valid Firearm Owners Identification card (F.O.I.D).  

All applicants must be 21 years of age, or sponsored by an adult with a valid F.O.I.D.  

A copy of your F.O.I.D. must be attached to this application.

Sponsorship of two NSC Members in good standing.

(If applying without sponsorship, please contact the club to arrange a meeting at the club)


The club requires a one time initiation fee plus yearly dues.

Your application will go in front of the Board at the next Board of Directors meeting.

These meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month.


Memberships are renewed every January.  You may renew yourself with no added fees by clicking the "Renew Membership" Button. You can also renew lockers and storage online.  Renewals after Jan 31 will incur a late fee & cc processing fee.


Line fees for the various shooting disciplines apply.

Standard American Skeet, 25 targets per round.

Skeet Doubles 25 targets per round.

Standard American Trap is 25 targets per round

and our round of Trap Doubles consists of 50 targets (25 pair).

The 5-Stand courses are changed periodically.  

Enjoy our three fully automated sporting clays course.

We offer challenging presentations including battues, rabbits, teals and many more exciting shots. No trapper needed with our target counter system.


Shooters 18 years of age and younger pay a reduced price per 100 targets.


The Club House Kitchen is open DAILY.


Northbrook Sports Club Sells Ammunition.  

Clays carts available to rent.