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December Member Spotlight

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Peter Tarpey, a longtime member of Northbrook Sports Club!

Al Petkus (left) and Peter Tarpey (right)

Peter hails from the lush greenery of western Ireland, where he grew up on a farm and developed a sharpshooter's eye. What started as a hobby in his homeland, stayed with him when he arrived in the States and he's been crushing it ever since! He's the youngest of six siblings and still makes time to visit his two sisters back home.

Peter's specialty is skeet shooting, and at 87 years young, he's still got it! If you visit the club on Thursdays, you'll catch him and his long-time buddy, Al, battling it out for a shiny quarter. These two friends have been at it for years, trying to outshoot each other and have a blast. When he's not at the club, he's probably busy playing pickleball! Both games keep his body and soul active and healthy!

If you bump into Peter, give him a high-five, and say hello!

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