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Winter is Coming

Once again, Northbrook Sports Club Winter Skeet League is hosting it's annual New Winter Skeet League Shooter's Breakfast to be held at the Club on Sunday, November 12th at 9:30am.

As many of you know, the Winter Skeet League is a great way to meet club members, improve your game, and most of all, have fun and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow shooters. The league will take place from January 1, 2024 - April 6, 2024. The breakfast is designed to acclimate new league shooters to Winter Skeet.

The chairmen will explain the basics and then shoot a round of 50 targets of Winter skeet with all prospective league shooters. It will be a great time!

Please register at For any questions, call Bud Eichner at 312-593-8906. We look forward to seeing you on November 12!

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