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February 2024 Member Spotlight

Everyone, meet Kyla McCollum.

Kyla is now 15 years old and is a youth member at Northbrook Sports Club! She lives in Wisconsin and competes on the Wilmot Shooting Team and the Kenosha County 4H Shooting Team. There isn't a discipline that Kyla doesn't compete in!

In 2023, Kyla received the Highest All-Around Athlete 2nd Place award at the Wisconsin State Championships which included her scores in sporting clays, trap, and skeet. In the same competition she received 3rd place for Highest Overall Athlete with her combination, handicap, and doubles scores.

Kyla was selected to represent Wisconsin this year at the 4H Nationals in Nebraska, as well as go to the SCTP Nationals in Ohio. Kyla prides herself on reaching her club required monetary goals and has created some imaginative shotgun shell artwork up for auction in the Northbrook Sports Club lobby, as well as other pieces for sale on her Instagram page.

"I really enjoy shooting and plan on doing it for years to come. I also want to shoot in college after high school."

At Northbrook Sports Club, Kyla is an avid participant in the Annie Oakley Shooters of Northern Illinois. During the Inaugural Annie Fall Classic, Kyla earned a belt buckle for her scores in the competition!

You can follow Kyla and her shooting journey on Instagram at @kyla_shooting_life!

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