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The Ins and Outs of Winter 5-Stand

Something new and exciting is launching this January, Northbrook Sports Club's all new Winter 5-Stand League! Many have asked "What EXACTLY is the 5-Stand League and can you give me an in-depth description." We're here to help!

Cinda Shooting 5-Stand

Costs and Registration

Registration takes place on Score Chaser. You will register yourself and any family who wishes to participate as individuals. NSC members and their immediate family who are not members are available to participate. You do not need to put yourself in a squad, we will squad you. If you would like to bring out a non-member friend, please save that for one of our monthly tournaments.

Squadding and Handicaps

To keep teams fair and create a fun, healthy, competition, Northbrook staff will be determining squads for you. Handicaps and squads will be announced at a later date. The teams are "virtual" so you do not need to shoot together.


You must shoot in groups of three. One to shoot, one to pull, and one to keep everyone honest with the scores. It does not need to be with your squad, but you must have at least 3. If you need to find people to shoot with on a specific day, please join the NSC Squads group on Facebook. There you can post to see if anyone will be out that day to help you complete your group of 3.

If you can only shoot on a specific day, and you cannot find a group to shoot with, please stop by the Clubhouse for assistance.

When to Shoot

The targets will change every two weeks. You must complete a total of 6 (50) round birds between January and April. Score Cards must be picked up at the Clubhouse on the day you plan on shooting.

Meet the Team

A luncheon will take place on January 20th where you will meet all 5-Stand league participants. This will be the perfect time to mix and mingle with people you don't know. Set a goal to introduce yourself to a few people you've never met before! You never know, they could be on your team at the end of the day!

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1 Comment

Shot it yesterday, before the big storm came through, very much looking forward the remaining shoots. It's a blast, and a change of pace from the sporting.

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