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World English Event Listing

  • 200 Target World English Main Friday- Sunday $269

  • 200 Target New Style Kolar FITASC Challenge Wed-Thu or Fri-Sun $299

    • 2019 NSCA National FITASC Tour final stop​

  • 100 Target 5 Stand Thursday - Sunday $99

  • 100 Prelim Monday - Tuesday $99

  • 100 Prelim Wednesday- Thursday $99

  • 50 Target 20 Gauge FITASC Tuesday- Saturday $65

  • 50 Target 28 Gauge FITASC Tuesday- Saturday $65

  • 100 Target Subs $99 Wednesday- Saturday

    • 12, 20, 28, 410, Pump, SxS


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Attention World English Competitors


Dear Shooters,

Due to an unexpected and very significant fee increase from the F.I.T.A.S.C. organization, no NSCA Championship Tour Clubs will be hosting F.I.T.A.S.C. "World Cup" or "Grand Prix" events this year. This includes the FITASC event at this year's World English, and FITASC events at the Western and North Central Regional Championships. *

The FITASC events at our tour events will be held as scheduled, they just will not count for FITASC's "Beretta Cup" or "World Cup". All three events will remain as "200-target" qualifiers for our USA Sporting Clays FITASC Team race.

*If you desire, Northbrook will gladly refund any deposits upon your request


The 200 target, new-style FITASC SPORTING event at the World English Championship is now renamed the" Kolar FITASC Challenge"

Courtesy of KOLAR Arms!


With the cooperation of the host clubs and NSCA, we are excited to announce the Debut of the:



The Grand Slam will be a 4-shoot series that will crown the 2019 NSCA FITASC Champion, as well as National Concurrent Champions. The host clubs will use the originally expected FITASC shoot fees to fund "National Champion" Rings for the overall National Champion AND the Concurrent tour Champions, and the clubs and NSCA will be providing Class-specific rings to the Class winners at the individual.


 The National and Concurrent Champions will be chosen by their three best scores, based on win points 1st-10th. 1st place at each event will be awarded 10 points, 2nd place will be awarded 9 points etc. Points will follow shoot-off results and in the case of ties not "shot-off', all competitors with the same score will receive that place's win points (ie. If three shooters tie for 8th place they will all get 3 points and the next highest score(s) will receive 2 points.

 The competitors' best three event point totals will be combined to determine the National tour standings

"2019 NSCA FITASC Grand Slam Tour"

Slam #1: Tucson Trap & Skeet April 2019 Results

Slam #2: Meadows Gun Club May 2-5, 2019 Results

Slam #3: Claythorne Lodge June 12-16, 2019 Results

Slam #4: Northbrook Sports Club August 5-11 2019 Register