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Northbrook Sports Club has many NSCA Certified Sporting Clays instructors. If you are new shooter or even an experienced shooter having troubles then these are terrific resources for you to utilize.  Most of our instructors are Kid Friendly and can assist with almost any shooting needs required.  Lessons can be arranged by the hour, multiple sessions or whatever is needed.  

NSC does have gun rentals available – check with the Cashier when you get to the club.

Our current instructors: Phil Puckorious, Rod Vetter, Mark Freeman, Matt Lewandowksi, Brett Seibert,  Kerry Luft




Phil Puckorius: Level II NSCA Certified Instructor

Currently an NSCA Level II Certified Instructor, Phil has over fifteen years experience as a Level I Instructor. Phil has a broad base of experience, assisting a wide variety of shooters in reaching their goals. As an avid hunter, Phil understands how building skills on the clay target range can help hunters and recreational shooters have more fun and success when in the field. Having spent multiple years competing in Sporting Clays as a Master Class shooter, and as a winner of multiple state titles, Phil also knows what physical and mental skills are necessary to compete in the clay target sports. Phil combines his over forty years of shotgunning experience with his professional background in education to create effective lessons, designed to help students quickly advance their shooting skills and reach their individual goals. In addition to giving individual lessons, Phil also regularly leads youth and women's shooting clinics, working to ensure that new shooters have a positive and safe exposure to clay target shooting. Phil also arranges and hosts corporate shotgunning outings. Some of his recent clients include Krenzien, Krenzien& Associates, A.T. Kearney Consulting, Molex Corporation, UBS and the University Club of Chicago. For more information or to schedule an appointment,

Email Phil Puckorius or call him at (312) 925-5842.


Rod Vetter: Level II NSCA Certified Instructor

Rod is currently an NSCA Level II, an NSSA Skeet Level I Instructor & Master Class shooter. His main goals are to make sure all "students" have an excellent understanding of gun safety and that they can reach their goal's for shooting. Whether you are an experienced shooter that wants to improve, if you've just been away from shooting sports (Skeet, Trap or Sporting clays) for a while, or even if you're a new member to NSC, his private lessons are just what you need to feel at home at NSC. He does private lessons and you can email him by clicking on the link below where it states "Email Rod Vetter." Rod specializes in Sporting Clays, 5-Stand, Parcours de Chasse (FITASC). He's quite capable of providing basic instructions in skeet and trap as well as preparation for wing shooting. You do not need to be a member of NSC to take lessons with him - in fact Non-Member or Guests are encouraged. Please contact him for additional information.

Email Rod Vetter

​Mark Freeman: Level II NSCA Certified Instructor

20+ Years of Clays Shooting & wing shooting experience.

Instruction & coaching for beginning sporting clays shooters to NSCA competitors & wing shooters with a focus on fundamentals. I teach how to shoot a shotgun, not how to break a specific target. 

Following all instruction detailed recap and recommended practice points are provided. 

Reasonable Hourly Rate & Family Rates

References from current & previous clients provided upon request. 

Available Wednesday Thru Sunday

Rental Guns Available

If You Don't Improve, The Lesson Is On Me!

Mark Freeman 




Kerry Luft is an NSCA Level I instructor and certified NRA shotgun instructor.

He works primarily with beginning and intermediate shooters to provide them with a solid grounding in safety and fundamentals. Although he mostly shoots sporting clays, he also can provide basic instruction in skeet and can help bird hunters and waterfowlers as well. Over the years, he has benefited from lessons from Hall of Fame skeet shooters Ed Scherer and Phil Murray as well as sporting clays instructors such as Jack Mitchell, Dave Fiedler and Anthony Matarese, Jr.  He is available mostly on weekends but can arrange to meet you at other times at NSC.

(224) 343-5790

​Matt Lewandowski: Level 1 NSCA Certified Instructor


Email Matt Lewandowski


Brett Seibert: Level 1 NSCA Certified Instructor

Email Brett Seibert



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