Golden BB's Youth Shotgun Program


Why Shotgun Shooting?

• Shooting sports are a fun outdoor activity

• Participate in a sport to enjoy for a lifetime

• Make new friends

• Meet new challenges

• Participate in an Olympic Sport

• Participate in Local, Regional, State and National competitions

For more info, contact:

Bill Marquardt, Head Coach 




• Young man or woman age 12 to 18

• No serious uncorrectable vision, physical or psychological impairment

• Obtain an Illinois Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID)

• Have a desire to safely participate, learn and have fun breaking clay targets

Trap Shooting

Trap - The shooter is presented a total of 25 tar-gets thrown in random directions away from the shooter. The shooter fires 5 shots from each of the 5 stations. The International form of Trap or Bunker Trap is also an Olympic sport.


Skeet Shooting

Skeet - The shooter is presented a total of 25 targets. These targets are shot from 8 stations. Depending on the station, these clay targets may be flying away from, flying towards, or fly-ing on path from both directions crossing in front of the shooter. The International form of Skeet is also an Olympic sport.

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