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Members in good standing are allowed to reserve a Cart one week in advance (Monday-Sunday). Members must pay the cashier immediately by providing member number and charge card number to reserve the cart.  Non-Members are allowed to reserve a Cart by Friday for events that weekend. Refunds will be given for adverse weather conditions or cancelling your reservation 24 hours in advance.


Cart reservations will be split into two time slots: Morning and Afternoon

Morning reservations are from 9:30-1:00

Afternoon reservations are from 1:00-4:30



Any mention of carts includes E-Z Go, 4x4, Gator, Ranger, Mule, Artic Cat, Rhino, Club Car, Clay & golf carts, etc.  Drivers must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driver's license.  No cart may be parked around the Clubhouse on the grass.  Speed limits of 20 mph on paved roads and 5 mph on cart paths.  There are no electric hook-ups to charge electric carts and NSC does not sell or provide gas. Only vertical gun racks are allowed per NSCA rules.  Operators assume full responsibility for damage or injury to themselves, their passengers, and to any property that may occur while driving on NSC property. Drivers are required to operate the vehicle in a safe and sportsmanlike manner.

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