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Northbrook Sports Club host of the first ever

American Field Sporting National Championship

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American Field Sporting Natonal Championship

What is American Field Sporting?

Think of a mashup of the best of Super Sporting, 5 Stand and Parcours de Chasse (FITASC) rolled into one event. Like Super Sporting you will see each target as a single but only once and like 5 Stand & Parcours de Chasse you will get a variety of targets and shooting positions. The ref or ambassador keeps everything moving along quickly with clear descriptions of the targets and guides you through each stand’s menu. Don’t worry, their job is to help.


Rules are easy. Don’t get caught up in their simplicity. There isn’t much to it. Low gun for AA & Master. High gun if you want for everyone else. Stay still until you see the target. 1 shot singles, means load the gun with one shell. Pump guns are okay. The X bird can be broken with 1 shot for 2 points or on your 2nd shot. And the best part, you can wear flip flops.


There are four different layouts or fields that are clearly described by your ambassador. If it’s your first time, tell the ambassador. They’ll walk you through the fields and what to expect. Again, they are there to help and keep things moving along. Each field should take about 30 minutes to complete. Give it a shot, have fun, and come back again.



5 Stations inside a 90x30’ rectangle. Think 5 peg FITASC or 5 station Super Sporting.



3 Stations. Think 3 peg FITASC or 3 station Super Sporting.



4 menus on 2 pegs. Think Super Sporting.



5 Stations in a straight line. Think 5-Stand.

Click here a video description of each field layout.

American Field Sporting


Please note the following is tentative guidance. For official American Field Sporting Rules visit their website:

The new game for sporting clay target shooting enthusiasts. If you like sporting clays, 5 Stand and FITASC you'll need to try American Field Sporting.


Please visit the American Field Sporting Facebook PageYouTube Channel or Official American Field Sporting website for more details.

American Field Sporting Formats: The are three formats or fields: Red, White, and Blue.


The Red layout requires a 5 trap minimum where targets must be safe, fun and fair. A 6th trap is dedicated to the XBird. The XBird is only shot once on every field as a 2 shot single. The X Bird is the most challenging target thrown by distance, speed, angle or technicality. It should however not be an eye test.


The Red Field is shot from four fixed stations a minimum of 15' feet part but no more than 20' apart in a straight line, facing the field of fire. A maximum of four shooters is assigned to stations one through four. The Shooter in Station One gets one preview of all targets as singles. The XBird is the last bird to be previewed and is shown once. Shooting always begins at station one and continues to the right.


Target Menu

  • Single One-Shot

  • Single Two-Shot

  • Pair Any Type

  • Pair Any Type

  • XBird Two-Shot Single (Station 4 only)

The entire squad will attempt the first target, one at a time. The entire squad will then attempt the second target on the menu, and so on, until the entire menu is attempted. When all stations have been attempted for the entire menu, the squad rotates to the right. Shooting is complete when every shooter has attempted the entire menu at all four stations.

White Walk

The White Walk field layout requires a 5 trap minimum that can be placed any way the setter likes. A 6th machine is required for the XBird shot as a two shot single. The White Walk layout is shot from 3 fixed stations as hoops or stand but they must be one or the other for the field. A maximum of 4 shooters start at station 1. The 1st shooter will get one  preview of all targets on the menu in the order in which they are thrown. The XBird will only be view at the station from which it is thrown.


Target Menu

  • Single One-Shot

  • Single Two-Shot

  • Pair Any Type

  • Pair Any Type

  • Pair Any Type

  • XBird Two-Shot Single (from its designated station)


Shooting beings on station 1 . Each shooter will attempt the entire menu before the next shooter begins. When shooters have attempted the entire menu, the squad walks to the next station and attempts the targets on that menu. Shooting is complete when every shooter has attempted the entire menu at all three stations.

Blue Box

Three independent layouts with dedicated traps at each layout. Each layout requires 3 traps. Targets should be safe, fair and fun. A maximum of five shooters are allowed on the field.  The XBird will be on one of the three layouts. Two fixed positions per layout, more than 30' apart but not more than 60' apart. The stands should be hoops or stands and should be the same for each layout. The first shooter previews all targets as a single from all stations. The XBird is reviewed from the station from which it is thrown.

Each station has the same menu format.

  • Single One-Shot

  • Single Two-Shot

  • Pair Any Type

Beginning at Station One, each shooter will attempt the entire menu before the next shooter begins. When all shooters have attempted the entire menu, the squad moves to the next station and attempts the target on that menu. Shooting is complete when every shooter has attempted the entire menu at all three layouts.

American Field Sporting Rules

The following are the top 12 most basic rules. To download the complete set of rules and other helpful tools visit the American Field Sporting Tools Page.

#1 Field Formats: Targets are attempted in 25 bird increments called Fields. There are three different Field Formats available to target setters.

#2 Low Gun: NSCA Master and AA Class must hold their gun in a ready position below a line that runs horizontal across the arm pits before calling pull.  NSCA A Class or lower may hold their gun anywhere they choose.

#3 Ammunition: 12 gauge ammunition is limited to host club rules or association specifications if a registered event.

#4 Shooting Stations: Targets are attempted from a stand or hoop. Barrel swing can be restricted by structure or poles to accommodate safety requirements.

#5 Target Options: International, standard, 90 mm, 70 mm, 60 mm, battue, rabbit, flash and ZZ birds.

#6 Target Presentations: Targets must be safe, fun and challenging.

#7 Previewing Targets: Single targets may be previewed only once. No preview on report or true pairs.

#8 Attempting Targets: Targets are attempted as one-shot singles, two shot singles, report pair, following pair, and true/sim pair and XBird.

#9 XBird: The XBird is a two-shot single attempted once per field. If the XBird is broken on the first shot, it counts as two points and, if broken on the second shot, it counts as one point.

#10 Announcing Presentations & Results: The Field Judge will announce each presentation before it's thrown. Each result must be announced by the Field Judge prior to recording the results.

#11 Master Scoresheet: The Master Scoresheet must remain under the control of the Field Judge at all times. Result will be recorded with slashes for broken targets and zeros for lost targets.

#12 Flip Flops: Flip flops are allowed

If you have more questions about American Field Sporting visit the AFS FAQ page by clicking here.