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The Golden BB's are Nothbrook Sports Club's Youth shooting league. Our youth-focused approach to trap, skeet, and sporting clays is designed to foster a sense of teamwork and friendship-building, as well as to encourage young people to take part in healthy outdoor activities. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed with safety in mind and our expert instructors are always on hand to help everyone learn new skills.

Why Shooting Sports?

• Shooting sports are a fun outdoor activity

• Lifelong sport that is enjoyable at any age

• Make new friends

• Meet new challenges

• Participate in an Olympic Sport

• Participate in SCTP certified Local, Regional, State and National competitions 

Meet The Coaches

Eligibility to Join

Program Eligibility

  • Northbrook Sports Club Member family member, or hold an NSC Youth Membership

  • Young man or woman age 12 to 18

  • Physically and mentally able to safely handle a firearm

  • Obtain an Illinois Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID)

  • Have a desire to safely participate, learn and have fun breaking clay targets

2023-2024 Youth Schedule

2023 - 2024 Youth Events Schedule

Sept. 30, 2023

Oct.. 21, 2023

Nov. 18, 2023

Dec. 16, 2023

Jan. 20, 2024

Feb. 17, 2024

Mar. 23, 2024

Apr. 20, 2024 


*** All practices and events are at 1pm Saturdays, 2pm start for Trap ***


Our Sponsors

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